Doctor Who vs Darth Vader

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Exactly what it says on the tin. :)

This is actually a request from Arosenheim : How about an image of the Doctor using his sonic screwdriver on the Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Vader, and depicting that his lightsaber won’t light up. (Perhaps like an motion similar to you and I tapping a flashlight with the palm of our hands when it won’t light.)

Here are pictures of myself I used as references (and please don’t laugh! ) : [link]

Note: the two female Togrutas in the background are just random characters.

Leia Organa as a child

Star Wars fan art. Originally posted on

"Besides receiving palace education, Leia attended the Alderaan Select Academy for Young Ladies under the tutelage of the strict Madame Vesta. " (Wookieepedia)

Mix of 3-Dimensional, photomanipulation and digital painting, done on Photoshop.

Photo reference for the little girl : [link] - Reference for Madame Vesta’s dress: [link] thanks to Liam-stock

Doctor Who: It’s time to leave, Pond!

I’m increasing my digital brush skills.

Reference for Amy’s face is from “Vincent and the Doctor”.

Reference used for her body : thanks to SenshiStock

CONTEXT(spoiler): this takes place shortly after the crack erased Rory from existence. Amy feels a bit sad without knowing why. Out of concern, the Doctor takes her to a peaceful planet…

Doctor Who: What’s wrong with the sonic screwdriver?

More Doctor Who fanart:

The Great Cathedral on planet New Canterbury seems to have been corrupted by a demonic force. The Doctor and Rose are investigating.

Then a strange phenomenon occurs…

(My reference is a mix of several screenshots of the actors. Also, I borrowed this as a model for the balcony: [link] )

Battle around the Vortex

This is a mix between photomanipulation and digital painting. All photo references are from DeviantArt:

SOLDIERS by Eirian-stock







[link] by mjranum-stock

[link] by Grinmir-stock

[link] by Liam-stock

[link] by RaeyenIrael-Stock


Rooftop: [link] by M3-Productions

Rainy ground: [link] by KAWproductions

Water splashes: [link] by Gracies-Stock

Rain puddles: [link] by cassandra28-stock

Pittsburgh at night: [link]

Vortex: [link] by disturbedslady


Explosions: [link] by crcharisma

Fractal brushes: [link] by above-and-beyond

Rain: [link] by amorphisss

Lightning: [link] by Scully7491